MissShellShock Coaching, LLC

RRCA Level 1 Certified Coach

My Mission

I work with runners and adventurers of all levels that need either a cheerleader, an accountability partner, someone to take the guesswork out of their week or all of the above! If you are just getting started and are feeling a little intimidated or if you’ve been running for awhile but want to explore your full potential; nothing would make me happier than to be there providing encouragement with the hands on knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years coupled with a little science to provide a comfortable space for others where they feel like they can do what they have been dreaming about. If you feel like you could use some help in your road/trail running or hiking/mountain adventuring, email me for more information and we can have a conversation to see if I would be the right fit for you!

My Coaching Style

What I will bring to the table is excitement and encouragement for your journey, judgement free zone for any questions involving anything running/adventuring related, positivity and realism for your goal setting and growing together as a team. I have experience with road running, which is what I started out with, trail/ultra running and high alpine mountain adventuring. Even though I have done and love to do ultras, I in no way expect that is what my athletes want to end up doing and would never pressure them to feel they would need to ever make that their goal. If you wanna train for a 5k, that’s great…I am so excited to help you get to where YOU want to go! I am not a perfect athlete myself (no one is) therefore I would never expect that from any of the athletes I coach.



$40 for a one time 12 week personalized training plan

What You Will Get From Me

100% remote coaching

Easy online communication & goal setting

Weekly virtual check in (required)

Email me at MissShellShockCoaching@gmail.com and let’s start the conversation on whether I would be a good fit for you!