Current Clients

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients that I work with!


Goal for this year: To get strong enough to start running again after a Brostrom procedure on my ankle! Ultimate goal: Full marathon! 

Fun fact: I know all the U.S. presidents in chronological order and run through them in my mind at random


Goal for this year: To run my first 10k trail race!!

Fun Fact: I own and operate a guided hiking business in the Estes Park area that is all about teaching people about the mental health benefits of spending time in nature! I also volunteer for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance/ US Forest Service doing patrol hikes in the summer/fall.


Goal for this year: I’m most excited to check off the list of FKT’s I have planned!

Fun Fact: I have a rescue dog named Miles. We named him Miles in the hopes that he would be a great running partner, but turns out he hates running and his favorite activity is sleeping!


Goal for this year: Finish the Dirty 30 Golden Ultra Trail 50k

Fun Fact:  I used to say I was a professional skier who instructed in Vail way back in my 20’s. In 2020 I re-certified and began instructing again! I also speak German fluently, which I rarely get the chance to use.